CIVITAS highlights the use of e-paper in sustainable mobility

CIVITAS highlights the use of e-paper to improve transport in cities.civitas-epaper-transport-Ljubljana-bus-stop

Electronic paper displays with advanced passenger information at Ljubljana’s Slovenska street.

The European Union CIVITAS Conference 2016 showcased the future of cities with the electronic paper.

After being crowned the European Green Capital 2016 and being one of the first cities in the world to implement low energy electronic paper displays at bus stops in the city centre, it was only fitting that Ljubljana host a conference dedicated to sustainable urban mobility.

The electronic paper can drive the development of a smart and sustainable public transportation system.

The 13th edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference took place in Ljubljana between 7 and 9 October 2015: the EU initiative, launched in 2002, aims to redefine transport measures and policies in order to create cleaner, better transport in cities. This year’s event was organized under the theme ‘Sharing the city’ and was dedicated to innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions in European cities. Beyond that, an important driver of building an accessible city and improving the quality of urban life.

Among the smart mobility solutions showcased at the conference were several electronic paper passenger information displays developed by Visionect and its partners in cooperation with E Ink, the leading ePaper manufacturer.

“E Ink’s ePaper displays consume very little power to switch an image, and zero power to retain the image, making it one of the lowest power signage displays in the world,” said E Ink’s Head of Signage Business Mr. Harit Doshi, explaining why the technology is an ideal public information display solution for sustainable urban developments.

Added E Ink’s Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Paul Apen, also among the dignitaries visiting the conference at the invitation of Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana: “ePaper technology will significantly contribute to the development of smart cities and communities, which are leveraging modern information and communication technologies to raise the quality of living.”

E Ink’s ePaper displays consume very little power to switch an image, and zero power to retain the image, making it one of the lowest power signage displays in the world.

Mockup of arrival information at a Ljubljana bus stop, before and after: now provided in real time, on low power electronic paper technology as developed by Lecip.

An interactive bus stop with real-time passenger information provided on a solar-powered electronic paper display. This is an example of a bus pole implemented in London and developed by Technoframe.

A proposal of a color e-paper display providing route maps, real-time arrival information for different lines, bus timetables and add-on content such as weather and time for Ljubljana Passenger Transport.

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 Source : VisIonect
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