E Ink showcases world’s largest ePaper display

At CES 2017, QuirkLogic has partnered with E Ink to launch Quilla, the world’s largest connected eWriter. The 42” ePaper device seeks to remove the hassle of taking photos of whiteboards at the end of each meeting in the office.

Quilla is a 42" ePaper display launched by QuirkLogic and E Ink.
The 42″ collaborative ePaper whiteboard is best suited for corporate use.

By leveraging attributes of epaper such as its durability and light weight, Quilla offers an energy-saving alternative to giant touchscreen displays. It is able to run on battery only for 16 hours. Users don’t have to fear losing their work should Quilla run out of juice. A mobile device-based central library accessible via personal login automatically stores content.

Weighing approximately 22 pounds (10kg), Quilla sports a resolution of 2880 x 2160 and facilitates the free flow of ideas as users can simply start writing down ideas and also resume where they left off previously without setting up any equipment at all. Users are no longer limited to the conference room thanks to the easy on/off mounts and battery operation. Rather Quilla allows them to go wireless and make full use of the eWriter wherever they may prefer. Remote participants can also contribute through the centralised library and smart ‘inking’ ecosystem Quilla utilises.

Other than for brainstorming sessions and meetings, other uses of Quilla include personalising common areas and space for impromptu scribbles. Surface space can be expanded instantly by connecting multiple eWriters. It comes with an intuitive design with discoverable contextual menus, making it very user-friendly.

The display can operate in portrait or landscape mode and offers wide viewing angles. The ePaper display is also extremely power efficient because it does not use battery-draining backlit technology. While perhaps not as snazzy-looking as its high-def counterparts, Quilla’s high contrast panel is easy to read and an excellent choice for use under florescent lights with its significant lack of screen glare.

Other expected uses of Quilla include e paper signage as well. Quilla helps to better meet the needs of the digital signage market. This thereby furthers the progress of E Ink in replacing static displays fully. E Ink is perhaps best known for its usage in e-readers and products such as InkCase which allow users to read for prolonged periods on mobile devices with minimal eyestrain and low power consumption.

InkCase displays clearly even under direct sunlight.
InkCase allows you to read with ease even at the beach, thanks to the high contrast E Ink display.

Quilla will go into production within the first half of 2017. QuirkLogic is currently accepting applications for its early adopter program. However there is no official pricing set yet.


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