Samsung granted patent for E Ink display phone case

Samsung is definitely keeping busy nowadays especially with the investigation of the Galaxy S7 and the upcoming release of Galaxy S8. Now news of a patent application for an E Ink display case being granted to Samsung has us wondering what new handphone accessories they have up their sleeve.

The flip case described featured an E Ink display and is seemingly the latest in Samsung’s first-party line of smartphone cases. The E Ink screen differentiates the new phone case from its predecessors which feature cutout slots and transparent front panels. Previously users could view the phone screen partially and hence content displayed on the phone screen. The new E Ink case will be the first interactive phone case released by Samsung.

An image showing the dimensions of Samsung's newest flip phone case

The image released illustrates a standard cutout for a Flip Cover with a larger window housing the E Ink screen. No additional information is available regarding the content of said screen. The new phone case would most likely operate in a similar manner as the Oaxis Inkcase. Users will probably be able to view static content such as push notifications and images on a low-power monochrome screen.

Oaxis InkCase i7 displays your photos with minimal power consumption
Oaxis Inkcase allows users to display static images with minimal power consumption.

While a secondary E Ink screen may not exactly be a new idea, this may indicate more progress in integrating E Ink into the smartphone itself as the market has seen in recent years. The Yotaphone, for instance, already feature a second E Ink screen, allowing users to view widgets and notifications as well. Moreover, this is certainly positive news for advancements in E Ink technology and its potential.

Currently there has been no official release date. However, Samsung traditionally has released handphone accessories along with their new flagship phones. So keep your fingers crossed; perhaps we’ll see the E Ink Flip cover debut together with the Galaxy S8!


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