Sony’s new E Ink Watch U better and thinner than ever

One of the most stylish wearables at CES 2017 is undeniably the sleek new generation of Sony’s E Ink FES Watch. Demonstrating yet another creative use of e-paper, the watch features an E Ink watch face and strap originally only capable of monochrome designs. The new FES Watch U, however, is impressively paper-thin and waterproof.

It is also able to display a variety of colour as well, immediately distinguishing it from the wide range of E Ink products on the market now. At a touch of a button, the user is able to change the design of the watch to showcase their individuality.

The new Sony E Ink FES Watch U is able to display colour and is impressively paper-thin.
Source: Fashion Entertainments

With the capacity of storing up to 24 designs, the watch is definitely more than versatile in terms of style. By connecting it to your iPhone, more specialised patterns are available. However, syncing the watch with your smartphone is not necessary for it to function. The Watch U is relatively simplistic as compared to the other smartwatches on the market now. Keep in mind that the watch is not marketed as a smartwatch per se but a fashion piece instead though.

Furthermore, Sony has maximised one of the greatest strengths of E Ink – its low power consumption. The Watch U is able to run for 3 weeks before requiring a recharge. The lasting battery charge makes the product much more viable as a functional fashion accessory than your average smart-watch.

At the moment, however, Sony has no plans to release the Watch U outside of Japan. There is no guarantee of Android compatibility as though it is currently under consideration. Crowdfunding ended in October 2016. The Watch U is expected to be released in April this year.


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